NAUSICAA - Immersive room about global warming
IPCC (GIEC) reports point to global warming and the collapse of the delicate balance of our planet. 
Nausicaa, the French National Sea Centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer took the measure of these catastrophic forecasts and the massive disappearance of natural habitats and they wanted to show it to the public. They also working with scientists to explore different solutions to avoid the worst. Nausicaa’s team and ourselves were keen to demonstrate that nothing is lost, that everything remains to be done.
We were in charge of technically and artistically developing the first immersive room about global warming and its challenges. 430 sq.m of projections from the floor to the walls and an aural immersion allow us to deploy an immersive film made entirely in 3D to discover and experience the effects of global warming!
We explore the melting of the poles, the acidification of the oceans, the death of coral reefs, sea level rise, hurricanes and sandstorms. Once the dramatic observation is made, we then explore sustainable, ecological and nature-friendly solutions that give us a glimpse of hope for future generations.
You can visit it here :
« In this world, a species can only thrives when everything else around it thrives too… We can solve the problem we now face by embracing this reality. If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. It’s now time for our species to stop simply growing, to establish a life on our planet in balance with nature, to start to thrive. We need to rediscover how to be sustainable to move from being apart of nature to be a part a nature once gain. » David Attenborough​​​​​​​
« Dans l’œil du climat »
Synopsis : NAUSICAA
Conception : Pixel n’Pepper

Directrice Artistique : Nathanaëlle PICOT
Directeur Technique : Gaël PICQUET
Animateurs 3D : Clément VAUCELLE, Vincent VUILLAUME
Graphistes 3D : Youri ZELIVIANSKI, Pierre THOUNY, Victor JANOUX, Yves COURBET,
Graphiste VFX : Thomas PINEAU
Graphistes 2D : Olivier Gabriel LEGRAIS
Compositeur : Loïc MASSON
Ingénieur du son : Jean-Philippe BADOUI

Installations techniques par VIDELIO
Vidéo projecteurs EPSON
Système de diffusion MODULO PI
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