"UN SONGE FORAIN" Lights Festival in Lyon 2016

It's the first time we had the chance to come to Lyon for "La fête des Lumières", Festival of Lights 2016, and share there our work. For that very specific occasion, we made a 12 mn animation movie about a dream where the craziest rides twirl and where the soul of children can be reborn in each of us. On that occasion, a giant screen was put on the Ferris wheel to project on it.

Photo by Fabrice Dimier
Conception of a 3D Animation by Pixel n'Pepper
Production Company : Pixel n'Pepper
Creative Director : Nathanaelle Picot
Technical Director : Gael Picquet
3D Graphists : Cyril Delapeyre & Thierry Masson
Modeling : Franck Poterlot & Eric Gaudet-Traffy
Character Animation : Brian Hogan
Music by Loïc Masson
Technical equipment : JMC
Video System by Modulo Pi​​​​​​​