Once again, Jean-Baptiste Cabrera, the creative director of Luxury Makers by Auditoire, putted us in charge of the teaser for the Cartier's Party in Dubai, and of the gigantic WaterScreen show on the Dubai Canal.  The biggest challenge was to be able to create and animate as realistic as possible the famous panther and her journey between Dubai, New York and Paris in beautiful scenes worthy of Cartier's visual worlds. At the end, the show was mesmerizing and we are so very proud of it !
Conception of a 3D Animation for Luxury Makers Dubai - Cartier / Production Company : LUXURY MAKERS DUBAI
Creative Director : Jean-Baptiste Cabrera / Show Director / Conception : Nathanaelle Picot 
3D Graphists : Clément Vaucelle, Vincent Vuillaume, Jérome Pastorello / Music by Loïc Masson​​​​​​​
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