Jean-Baptiste Cabrera, the Creative Director of Auditoire, asked us to imagine an animation on the Burj Khalifa for Luxury Makers Dubai at the occasion of the Cartier's tribute to the Dubai Opéra.
The first idea was the red curtain, and what if a beautiful panther plays with it ? On a Led display of 800 meters high ?
So we did it, and the most difficult part was to animate the panther properly on the small visible area we had because of the tower's shape. But at the end, we succeeded  !
Conception of a 3D Animation for Luxury Makers Dubai - Cartier
Production Company : AUDITOIRE DUBAÏ 
 Creative Director : Jean-Baptiste Cabrera / Show Director & Conception : Nathanaelle Picot  
3D Graphists : Clément Vaucelle, Vincent Vuillaume, Jérome Pastorello / Music by Loïc Masson​​​​​​​
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