France Galop asked Auditoire France to produce a mapping on Ecole Militaire facade's in front of the Eiffel Tower to promote the famous horse ride "Qatar prix de l'Arc de Triomphe". Pixel n'Pepper was in charge of the 3D mapping and the sound design.
Creative Director & Conception : Nathanaelle Picot 
3D Graphists : Cyril Delapeyre, Thierry Masson, Frédéric Lemaire & Julien Limouse
 3D Modeler : Franck Poterlot / Music by Loïc Masson 
Technical installation : 18 video projectors ( ETC ) / Diffusion system : Modulo
Production Company : Auditoire France for France Galop

The city of Achachon rebuilt the entire downtown area and for this occasion they asked us to imagine a show inspired by the wonderful landscape of Arcachon, the sea, the underwater and the very specific architecture of the city. We proposed a Interactive 3D mapping with a vertical dancer, performed by Motus Modules.
Creative Director / Conception : Nathanaelle Picot
3D Graphists : Thierry Masson, Benjamin Le Talour / Technical installation : 4 video projectors ( VLS )
Diffusion system : 7th Sens
3D Mapping on the St Germain en Laye Castle :
We were in charge of the conception of all the projection mapping, starting with the technical studies and the storytelling for Lexus. We made a 3D model of the castle, with 5000 elements to animate those separately
Creative Director / Conception : Nathanaelle Picot
3D Graphists : Thierry Masson, Zsolt L Bordos & Ivo Kovacs / Music by Terry Laird

Technical installation : 10 video projectors ( VLS ) / Diffusion system : 7th Sens / Production : Prod Effects
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