70th birthday of « l’Appel du 18 juin » Invalides - Paris
On this event, we had to search a lot of historical footage and pictures at the army's archive (ECPAD) and INA. It was really interesting to make such a big projection about the darkest moment of Europe. It was scary to do, and scary to see as well. It's important to never forget what we, french, we done during this second world war. And what we didn't...
Art Direction : Nathanaelle Picot
Graphists : Nathalie Prunier, Jerôme Serane & Cyril Delapeyre. / Show Direction : Philippe Cieutat
Technical installation : 12 video projectors / Video System : Iridas by VLS
Production : Agence Publics for the Fondation De Gaulle.
60th Anniversary of the Landing Day in Normandy - Arromanches
For this huge commemoration with 13 presidents and the United Kingdom's Queen, we had to illustrate the story of those millions of young soldiers who gave their lives to free our country.  Il was also a tribute for the civilian people who lost everything. We had the help for the footages of the Memorial of Caen, the ECPAD and INA.

Art Direction : Nathanaelle Picot / Graphists : Nathalie Prunier, Nathanaelle Picot.
Show Direction : Daniel Charpentier / Technical installation : LED Screens.
Production : WM événements
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