"ORIGAMI" Lights Festival in Chartres 2017

This is the first time we have the chance to create an interactive installation for children and parents. We have chosen the Origami theme to create small 3D paper scenes. ​​​​​​​The user can choose on a touch screen of 42 inches 4 different themes in which he will select different animations to be applied on the surface of the Chapel Ste Foy divided into 5 zones. The players can also play with a 3D object such as a planet, a giant squid or a lion, and move them in real time, or change their textures and colors.
Production Company : Pixel n'Pepper
Creative Director : Nathanaelle Picot
Technical Director : Gael Picquet
3D Graphists : Cyril Delapeyre
Modeling : Franck Poterlot
Programing : Florence 
Music by Loïc Masson
Video System : Kinetic by Modulo Pi